Function Wizard Step 1 of 2 dialog box

Selects the function you want to enter.

Function Category

Selects subsets of all available functions. If you click the All in the Function Category box, all the available functions appear. If you select any other category, only those functions that belong to that category appear.

Custom functions that you define are included under their assigned categories, or in the user-defined category if no other categories are assigned. See the alphabetical list of functions.

Function Name

Lists all built-in and custom functions that are available in the selected category. Also lists built-in and custom macro functions if a macro sheet is active. The display area describes the selected function.


Moves to the next dialog box of the Function Wizard. You should click Next after you have selected the function you want to insert into the Formula Bar or the selected cell. After you finish typing values into the appropriate fields, the Function Wizard Step 2 Of 2 dialog box is displayed. This dialog box appears first if you are entering a math and trig function.


If you select a VBScript function that you defined in a basic module, a dialog box appears first that allows you to open the document that contains the function. After you open the document, the Function Wizard Step 2 Of 2 dialog box is displayed.


Inserts the function into the Formula Bar. If you do not enter an argument, the software inserts the argument names as placeholders in the formula.


Closes the Function Wizard dialog box without entering anything into the Formula Bar or into the selected cell.

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