Create automatic drawing views

  1. Ensure that an empty drawing sheet is displayed.

  2. On the Library tab, or in Windows Explorer, navigate to the model file that you want to use.

  3. Drag the model file onto the drawing sheet.  The drawing sheet populates as follows:

    • For assembly models, an isometric view is created, centered on the drawing sheet.

    • For all other models, top, front, and right views are created, centered on the drawing sheet.


    • To run the Drawing View Wizard instead of create automatic drawing views, press the Shift key while you drag the model file onto the sheet.

    • You can create automatic drawing views in which the views and properties can be customized by creating a Quicksheet template and dragging a model file onto it.

    • Drawing views are created with the default options for their respective types.

    • Scale and spacing for automatic drawing views are the same as if the Drawing View Wizard was run and the same views (isometric for assemblies; top, front, and right for other models) selected.

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