3D section views of models


A 3D section view:

Creating 3D section views in synchronous environments

When the synchronous model is displayed, before you select the Section command you must first use the drawing commands on the Sketching tab to define the cutting plane shape. See Defining 3D sections of models: best practices.

Then when you start the Section command, the Section View command bar guides you through the steps:

In assemblies, you do not have to cut every part that the section view profile passes through.

You can create multiple section views of a part or assembly.

Creating 3D section views in ordered environments

With the ordered model displayed, the Section command prompts you to select a plane or model face to draw on, and then displays the 2D drawing tools for you to draw a 2D profile to define the cutting plane shape. See Defining 3D sections of models: best practices.

When you click Close Sketch, the remaining steps on the Section View command bar are the same as for synchronous environments.

Cutting hardware parts

According to industry standards, hardware parts such as bolts, nuts, and washers are not cut in section views.

See the help topic, Specify hardware parts.

Displaying and modifying 3D section views

Existing 3D section views are listed on, and controlled from, PathFinder. To modify a section view, you must select it on PathFinder.

Viewing 3D section views of the model

For viewing purposes, you can add a 3D section view to a selected 3D model view using the Add To Model View command on the section view shortcut menu.

See the Help topic, Add section views to a 3D model view, for more information.

Printing 3D section views

You can print a 3D section view of the model displayed in the graphics window using the Print command on the Applications menu. If the section annotation is displayed in the view, then the cutting plane direction arrows are printed with the section view.


If the section is rendered in Visible and Hidden Edges mode in the part, sheet metal, or assembly document, then you must also set the Print As Displayed option on the Print dialog box to print the view in this format.

Using 3D section views in a drawing

You can place a 3D section view in a drawing by choosing the New→Create Drawing command from the Application menu in the model document. After placing a drawing view of the model on a drawing sheet, you can expose the 3D section view you created. To learn how to do this, see Expose a 3D section in a drawing.

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