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Imagination is your power

Virtual training

People who wants to learn how  to design with a CAD software, are no longer spectator.


With Solid Edge Virtual training, they are actors in their learning process.


Solid Edge Virtual Training proposes online interactive tutorials, which immerse participants into the Solid Edge with Synchronous Technology environment to help get familiar with non-linear modeling.

Solid Edge Virtual Training, will help schools enhance their training offer and will help stimulate students, along as keeping their teacher’s up-to-date on Solid Edge functionalities.

Solid Edge and CAD community will be able to experience non-linear modeling without any impact on their production.  It will also help customers make migration, as they can experience new features like if they are in the actual software.



Changes in my professional career ask me do make changes on how the virtual training is distribute.

New subscriptions will be place on hold while deploying a new platform aimed at the whole Solid Edge community including all Siemens partners. If you have inquiry please use the Contact form. Changes will be made to bring a new environment to the Solid Edge community.


If you're a Siemens partner (Reseller/academic our commercial partner) Please contact Solid DNA to learn more about the changes and how those changes can help you.


In the mean time, visit


Solid DNA Social community



Never like before, upgrading to a newer version of Solid Edge has been so transparent



Subscription will give you acces to the Virtual Training for one year.

Main benefit of subscribing to the Virtual Training:


Interactive & immersive tutorials, help establish a continuous training program inside your company.

Create your own individual training path by following tutorials relate to your day to day work.

Prepare the design team prior to deploy  a new Solid Edge release.

Lower the cost of training and deployment, reducing at the same time the impact on the production.


Solid edge Features

Virtual Training will explore all Solid Edge functionnalities, starting with the Synchronous Technology part modeling


Virtual Training introduction

Solid Edge Interface


Sterring wheel ST1 and ST2

The relate command Bar

Select Tool

Live rules

Selection manager

part modeling

Update training Solid Edge ST4 ( coming soon)



Submit your problems and we'll show you a solution


 I have three parts that i would like to assemble what are my options? Assemble command
How can i lock the center of a slot to a local reference plane? Mirror

How can i pivot face on this part? Pivot draft face

How can i control the rounds of my tubbing? Round corners

How can i modify the part, after i add too much material? Jeremy question

Interactive Tutorial Samples

Steering wheel introduction

This tutotrial will introduce the steering wheel, and will give you a brief historical of it's development

(3 minutes)

Steering wheel + SHIFT

In this tutorial , you will learn how to use the Shift key with the steering wheel (3:10 min)

Navigation tools

In this tutorial, you will learn how to use basic navigation tools

(9 minutes).

Live rule - Concentric

This tutorial, is part of a series that introduce the use of Live Rules to help you maintain relationships and part integrity while you edit your model

(1:50 min).


This tutorial will explore the Connected faces on the QuickBar

(3:30 min)......

You did What

Interactive video base on Dave Ault article aboout the presentation of John Devitry CAD manager at the university of Utah.

(2:50 min) - mute.

Solid Edge ST4 - Update

First batch of ST4 tutorials are being released


H/V surface alignement

This tutorial shows how to use the new surface relationship Horizontal / Vertical to square up a surface.

(20 sec) - mute.

H/V surface alignement

This tutorial shows how to use the new surface relationship Horizontal / Vertical on a selection set.

(35 sec) - mute.

H/V surface alignement

This tutorial shows how to use the new surface relationship Horizontal / Vertical to align key points. A personalized system of coordinates can be defined.

(2:00 min) - mute.

H/V surface alignement

In some situations, this Horizontal / Vertical alignment can replace the symmetry relation.

(45 sec) - mute.


100's tutorials available

100's of Interactive & Immersive tutorials are available and other will be add along the way.


  • Sheet metal
  • Assembly
  • Surface modeling
  • etc....



Note: To avoid security block base on the interactive content of those tutorials add "www.soliddna.com" to the secure/trust site section of your browser.