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Pinned  What's new ST6

Aug 04 2013 04:48 AM | Community Administrator in What's new Views
Overview of Solid Edge ST6 / What's new ST5 Here are the highlights of ST6: YouTube videos in Solid Edge Now you can use YouTube within Solid Edge to record and share multimedia videos with others. For more information, see User assistance tools....

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What's new ST6 - Reflective plane

Sep 28 2013 02:30 PM | Community Administrator in Solid Edge ST6

Reflective planes are now available. The reflective planes display a reflection of a symmetrical part instead of an actual mirror feature. This is a quick way of resolving symmetrical form and studying the volume of a sculpted model. Reflective planes...

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What's new ST6 - Live Rules

Aug 11 2013 10:00 AM | Community Administrator in Solid Edge ST6

Solution Manager and Live Rules options button added to the Live Rules panel. Options provided to control the face colors used in Solution Manager. You can also control the Live Rules panel type without having to go to Solid Edge options » Helpers p...

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What's new ST6 - Sketching enhancements

Aug 11 2013 05:48 AM | Community Administrator in What's new

Sketching enhancements These enhancements were made to sketching in Solid Edge ST6. (Hold down CTRL key to open links) Arrange 2D elements Automatic keypoint locate Directional fence selection FreeSketch in synchronous Maintain Relationship co...

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What's new ST6 - Tangency control handles

Aug 10 2013 08:30 PM | Community Administrator in Solid Edge ST6

Tangency control handles Use the tangency control handles to specify the tangency condition at curve and surface boundaries. These handles provide a direct method to manipulate the shape of a surface by specifying different tangency conditions. The B...

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What's new ST6 - Goal seek

Jul 09 2013 01:58 PM | Community Administrator in What's new

Using goal seeking in calculations Overview of goal seeking The Goal Seek command automates engineering calculations to achieve a specific design goal. It operates on driven and driving formulas, variables, and dimensions attached to 2D and 3D geometr...

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What's new ST5

Jan 19 2013 07:00 AM | Community Administrator in Solid Edge ST5

What's New in Solid Edge ST5 ( general overview)

ST5 is now faster and has more synchronous technology integrated throughout the product. More than 1,300 productivity enhancements requested by our customers are included in this release.

Here are the highlights:

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What's new ST6 - Recognize hole patterns

Jul 09 2013 02:41 PM | Community Administrator in Solid Edge ST6

Imported models can be used in synchronous modeling. Imported models contain no feature definitions. These models are a collection of faces that only describe the model shape. In order for these models to take full advantage of the synchronous modeling...

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Aspect ratio for PMI callout text

Jan 19 2013 03:29 PM | Community Administrator in Solid Edge ST5

Aspect ratio for PMI callout text The following callout text formatting capabilities are available for model PMI callouts in ST5:Aspect ratioAdjusts text size by changing the font width. The height remains constant.Fit to contentsAutomatically sizes...

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Symmetric dimension edit

Jan 19 2013 03:35 PM | Community Administrator in Solid Edge ST5

The dimension edit box now contains a symmetric dimension option. When editing the dimension value, the end faces move equal distance from the dimension center. To learn more, see PMI dimensions and annotations.

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