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Search dialog box

File open Search

Defines search criteria to help you locate a specific document. You can preview a document in the search results by clicking it.

My Searches
Displays a list of saved searches. The search criteria and results are stored in a .qry file in your Windows Documents library folder.

Saves the defined search criteria. When you save the query, both the search criteria and results produced by the query are saved.

Deletes the selected saved search.

Look in Folder
Displays a list of sites, document libraries, the drive, and folder or managed library in which you want to search for the document or images.

After you use the Open File dialog box to open a document from a managed library, the path listed in the Look In box on the Open File dialog box defaults to your local cache. When you open another managed document, you can select the document from the local cache list, and the document in the managed library will be checked out and opened.

You cannot search managed and unmanaged folders in the same search. Two individuals searches must be performed .

Accesses a Browse dialog box that allows you to specify the folders you want to search. This list can include managed libraries or any mapped network drives.

Search for results in subfolders
Selecting the check box causes folders beneath the folder listed in the Look in Folder to be searched.

Specifies information that allows you to perform a search based on defined properties and criteria.


Displays a list of named properties used to define search criteria. If a property set is not selected, the box is blank.

Note:When you select Free Text, the check box for Search for results in subfolders is disabled.


Defines the operators you want to use to compare the Property to a value. Refer to the Search Criteria List for valid Boolean expressions.

Note:When the property value is set to Free Text, an icon displays for defining free text criteria. Selecting the icon in the criteria field displays the Free Text Search Criteria dialog box.

Clear Criteria
Clears all query criteria fields but does not affect the properties field.

Clear All
Clears the top portion of the dialog, but leaves search results. Clears the My Searches, Look In folder, Property and Criteria so you can start a new search.

Displays an example of using search criteria.

Starts the query of the file system or SharePoint.

Interrupts an active search and displays any search results in the results pane at the bottom of the dialog box.

Displays search results. You can chose additional properties for display using the Show Properties dialog accessed from the Results shortcut menu.

Note:All results are read-only for each property displayed.

Document Name: Displays the name of the document meeting the criteria defined in the search.

Folder: Displays the full path of the file meeting the defined criteria.

Title: Displays the title of document found in the search.

Last Modified: Displays the date the file was last modified.

SEStatus: Displays the release status of the document as defined on the File Properties Status tab.

Property Manager

Displays the properties for documents found in the search. You cannot edit the values on the Search Results dialog box.

Displaying the properties can be time-consuming if the search returns a large number of files. If the search results do return a large number of files, you may want to consider modifying the search criteria to decrease the number of results.

Results Per Page
Defines the number of results to display per page. The minimum number of results per page is 10.

Total Hits
Displays the number of documents found that match the search criteria.

Results Generated
Displays the hour, minute, and second the search was started.

Page Controls
Allows you to page through multiple pages of search results.

Start:Displays the first page of search results.

Page Backward: Displays the previous page of search results.

Page Forward: Displays the next page of search results.

End: Displays the final page of search results.

Page___of _____
Displays the current page number and total number of pages of search results. You can specify the page number to view by typing the page number in the first field and pressing Enter.

Dismisses the search dialog box.

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