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Oh! That works nice! - KUDUs to SE

  Posted by Siemens Community , 13 March 2018 · 32 views

To be frank, Solid Edge and I are going through a rough patch.


However, there are still times when I'll try something just in case it actually works.  So as an inverse to the Pet Peeves thread I'm hoping we can have a thread that highlights some things that Solid Edge does well.  There are many things it does well and I begin to take them for granted.  If you have one of those moments where a command works better than expected or when Solid Edge lives up to our lofty expectations and you have a minute maybe share it.  Hopefully others can benefit from it as well.


I will start with something I just did that I cannot believe it worked.


Dragging planes, sketches, and features to different areas of the model works better than I could imagine and almost never fail or break other stuff.


I'm in a multi-body model where I have a part copy of an existing part, then bodies that replicate sections of the mold that I want to add removable inserts to.  I have multiple boolean operations as in this case it seemed simpler to model the inserts then cut them from the base part copy.  I grouped the steps for each insert body to keep them organized, then the next feature after a group is the boolean subtract from the part body.  I needed to add countersunk holes for the screws that mount the insert into the existing mold.  Then I realized that those holes need to be after the subtract because the part filled those holes.  I grabbed the nested group named "MountingHoles" and dragged it out of the insert group it was part of and dropped it below the subtract feature.  IT WORKED! nothing was broken and the part did not fill the volume of the mounting holes!  So I decided to save, end my day there and write this post.


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