Query dialog box (Draft environment)

Finds parts and components in a drawing view using the search criteria you define. After you find them, you can hide them (or only show those parts or components) in the drawing view.

Query Name

Defines a name for the query.

Query Criteria

Specifies the query search criteria.


Lists the properties you can search for.


Defines the conditional argument for the property being searched. For example, you can define a query where the Condition option is set to Contains, and the Property option is set to Material, and the Value is set to Steel. All parts whose material property contains the word "Steel" would be selected.


Defines the value to search for in the specified property. You can type any text you want to search for. You can search for multiple values in one operation by separating the values with a semicolon (;). For example, you could search for a material property of either steel or copper by typing: Steel; Copper.

Add To List

Adds the specified search criteria to the Find Items That Match These Criteria list.

Find items that match these criteria

Displays the criteria to be used in the search.

Match All

Matches all of the criteria listed.

Match Any

Matches any criterion listed.


Removes selected entries from the Find Items That Match These Criteria list.

Search subnodes Only

Restricts the query to leaf nodes. This can enable better results with some queries (is not queries, for example).

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