Create a 2D model view

To create a 2D Model view, geometry must be present on the 2D Model sheet in the draft document.

  1. (Display the 2D Model sheet) From the ribbon, choose View tab→Sheet Views group→2D Model, and then click the document sheet tab labeled 2D Model.

  2. (Define your 2D Model work space) From the Application menu, choose the Drawing Area Setup command, and then specify your final printed drawing size, overall design dimension, and scale in the Drawing Area dialog box.

  3. On the 2D Model sheet, place the 2D geometry from which you want to create the 2D Model view.


    You can drag a draft file or import a .dwg or .dxf design file. You can add annotations and dimensions to the geometry, and you can use the line drawing tools to add geometry to the design before you create the 2D model view.

  4. (To create 2D views of your design) Click the working sheet tab in your draft document, then choose Sketching tab→Drawing Views group→2D Model .


    In 2D Drafting, the 2D Model command is located on the Tables tab.

  5. On the 2D Model sheet, click to define the first point of a cropping boundary for the 2D view. Move the mouse and click again to define a second point on a diagonal from the first.

    The 2D Model sheet is closed automatically, and the working drawing sheet you started from is re-displayed. You can set options on the 2D Model View command bar before placing the view.

  6. On the 2D Model View command bar, set the style and caption options as desired for the new view.

  7. Click the Properties button on the command bar to define additional view properties in the 2D Model View Properties dialog box.

    Refer to the General tab (Drawing View Properties dialog box) for more information about these options.

  8. On the working sheet, click to place the 2D Model view.


  • You also can edit 2D Model View properties after you place the view. Select the view border, and then click Properties on its shortcut menu.

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