Save a document to Adobe PDF

You can save Solid Edge assembly, part, sheet metal, and draft documents in the Adobe Portable Document Format with the Save As command. This creates a copy of the file with a .pdf extension. The Solid Edge document title, author, subject, and keyword properties are saved with the new PDF document.

  1. Choose Application menu→Save As.

  2. Select the folder for the new document.

  3. (Optional) In the File Name box, type a new name for the document.

  4. From the Save As Type list, select Adobe Acrobat Documents (*.pdf).

    • Assembly, part, and sheet metal documents are saved as a *.pdf file with one page. The active model view is the view saved to PDF.

    • Draft documents may contain working sheets, background sheets, and a 2D Model sheet. The sheet-type that is active when you use the Save As command determines what is saved to the *.pdf file.

  5. In a Draft document, click the Options button to open the PDF Export Options dialog box, where you specify which sheets to save, as well as other options. You can print the active sheet, all sheets, individual sheets, as well as a range of sheets.


    Select the Sheets: (sheet numbers and/or ranges) check box, and then use the adjacent text box to enter:

    • A range of sheets, for example, 1-4.

    • One or more individual sheets, for example, 1,3,5.

    • A combination, for example, 1,3,5-12.

  6. In the Save As dialog box, click Save.


  • The 2D Model sheet in the .pdf file retains the 1:1 scale set for it with the Drawing Area Setup command in Solid Edge. Therefore, a 2D Model sheet set for printing to an A-size sheet still prints to an A-size sheet from the *.pdf document.

  • You can access the default PDF output properties used to generate an Adobe PDF file. See the Help topic, Change PDF printer properties.

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