Open a managed document

Managed documents are documents that have been added to a managed library such as Teamcenter, Insight, or Insight XT.

  1. Choose Application menu→Open.

  2. On the Open File dialog box, from the Look In list, select the folder containing the managed document you want to open.

  3. From the document list, select a managed document.

  4. (Optional) Select the Open as Read-Only check box to open the document for viewing.

    Documents opened as read-only display the Read-Only Document Status Indicator in the graphics window and [Read-Only] is displayed the title bar. To learn more about read-only documents, see the Help topic, Working with Read-Only documents.

  5. Select a Revision Rule to specify how links in the selected document should be updated when the document is opened.

    If you are opening a document that is managed by Teamcenter, you can select from all of the revision rules available in Teamcenter in addition to:

    • As Saved—This is the default value. Opens the document and updates the links as it was last saved.

    • Latest—Opens the document and updates the links to the latest revision in the system.

    • Latest Released—Opens the document and updates the links with the latest released revision.

    • External System—Opens the document and updates links with revisions specified by an external system.

    • Version from Cache—Opens the document from your cache. No document transfers take place between the document library and your local cache resulting in optimized performance.


    The Revision Rule option is unavailable if you select a non-managed document, a document that is checked out, or if you are working offline.

  6. (Optional) For assemblies, select a variant rule to specify how the configuration of the selected document is displayed when the document is opened.

    Preview and Properties information do not change based on the selected variant rule.


    The Variant Rule option is unavailable if you select an assembly that does not have variant rules associated with it in Teamcenter.

  7. (Optional) Set the Stop Open if Rule Not Matched option to specify that you want to stop the open process if the system does not find a revision that matches the specified rule.


    This option is not available when opening a Teamcenter-managed document or when opening a document managed by Insight XT.

  8. (Optional for draft documents) Choose one of the following:

    • Inactivate Drawing Views for Review, to open a managed draft document quickly for reviewing and printing, without downloading linked documents. This mode can save a significant amount of time.

    • Activate Drawing Views for Edit, to open a managed draft document with full drawing view edit capability. All model documents referenced by a drawing view are downloaded to cache with the draft file.


      You can change between inactive and active mode from inside the document using the Applications→Activate Drawing Views and Applications→Inactivate Drawing Views commands.

  9. Click OK.

    When you open a document from an Insight managed library, the document is checked out and is copied to the local cache when the Always Synchronize Cache to Get Latest Version of The Document option is set. This option is located on the Manage tab on the Options dialog box.

    After you use the Open File dialog box to open a document from an Insight managed library, the path listed in the Look In box on the Open File dialog box defaults to your local cache. When you open another managed document, you can select the document from the local cache list, and the document in the managed library is checked out and opened.

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