Open a Solid Edge document

  1. Choose Application menu→Open.


    You can open one of the last documents you worked on by selecting it from the Most Recently Used list at the top of the Application menu.

  2. On the Open File dialog box, from the Look In list, select the folder containing the document you want to open.

  3. (Optional) Click the View Menu button, then select a method to display the document list: Thumbnail, Large Icons, Small Icons, List, or Details.

  4. Choose a method for displaying information about the contents of a selected document. Click Preview to display an image of the document contents in the Preview pane, or click Properties to display information about the file, such as author, template used, date created, and date modified.

  5. (Optional) To narrow the list of files to those of a certain type, set the Files of Type option. For example, you can select the Part documents (*.par) option to list only the files with the .par filename extension.


    If you do not see the document you want to open, make sure the drive, folder, and document type are correctly specified.

  6. Type the name of the document or select it from the list of documents.


    If you do not know the location of the document, on the Open File dialog box, click the Search button and define search criteria to locate the document. To learn how to do this, see Find a Solid Edge file. To learn about search capabilities, see Searching for documents.

  7. (Optional) Select the Open as Read-Only check box to open the document for viewing.

    Documents opened as read-only display the Read-Only Document Status Indicator in the graphics window and [Read-Only] is displayed the title bar. To learn more about read-only documents, see the Help topic, Working with Read-Only documents.

  8. To open the document, click OK.

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