Constructing lofted ordered features

You can use the Lofted Protrusion, Lofted Surface, Lofted Cutout, and BlueSurf commands to create lofted features.

Lofted features are constructed by extruding two or more cross sections to construct a feature.

Similar to the swept commands, you can define the cross sections by:

You can also use a curve, known as a guide curve, to define a path between the cross sections of the loft. The end condition options allow you to control the shape of the loft feature where it meets the first and last cross sections.

Because loft features are often used to define aesthetic elements in a model, you may want to experiment with different settings to achieve the results you want.


You can construct a loft feature with the BlueSurf command that contains only one cross section and one guide curve.

The loft feature is associative to the input elements, regardless of the element type you use to define the cross sections and guide curves.

If you use sketches, you can only select elements from one sketch for each cross section. You cannot combine elements from a sketch with edges to define a cross section.

When working with loft features that have many cross sections and guide curves, you should consider drawing sketches first, rather than drawing the profiles as you construct the feature. This approach can make it easier to construct and edit the feature.

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