Create and edit assembly item numbers

When you create item numbers, an Item Number column is added automatically to the assembly Occurrence Properties dialog box.

Create item numbers in assemblies
  1. In the assembly document, click the Solid Edge Options button on the Application menu.

  2. In the Solid Edge Options dialog box, click the Item Numbers tab.

  3. On the Item Numbers page, select the Maintain item numbers check box.

  4. Select the item numbering option you want to use:

    • Top level only


      This is the only option supported for Teamcenter-managed documents in Solid Edge ST4.

    • Atomic - Top down

    • Exploded - Top down

  5. Click OK or Apply to create the item numbers for objects in the model.


    • If you select the Exploded - Top down option, you may also want to select Use level based numbers. Use these options together to create an exploded bill of material or parts list with level based numbering.

    • New item numbers are assigned automatically as new assembly components are added.

    • If you change an option on this page after item numbers have been created, existing item numbers will be replaced.

    • You can reference these item numbers when you Create a report of an assembly parts list.

Edit item numbers in assemblies
  1. In assembly PathFinder, right-click the top level assembly occurrence and choose Occurrence Properties.

  2. In the Occurrence Properties dialog box, in the Item Number column, double-click the cell you want to change.

  3. Type the new value and press the Tab key.

    The value is underlined to show it has been edited.


  • You can use the Reset Item Numbers command on the shortcut menu to return all edited item numbers to the same values as the assembly.

  • If the Use assembly item numbers check box is selected in the assembly Reports dialog box, then you cannot edit the item numbers in the Occurrence Properties dialog box.

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